A Freedom Debt Relief Review by Amanda:

You guys are awesome! I am so glad a program like yours is available for people like me who want to pay my bills but have had things happen to where I just can’t at the time.

You guys did a lot for me. Just to know things were being taken care of and that there was someone on my side. It was pretty scary at times, with collectors calling saying crazy things. A couple of times a collector would call and start shouting horrible things and then, in the middle of the conversation, a “supervisor” – sometimes two! – would jump in on the call and they would all be shouting, threatening me as a group.

So it was absolutely awesome to be able to call your customer service department – they are excellent. Knowledgeable and understanding…and sensitive to my particular situation. Every time I called, they were always very pleasant and willing to answer all of my concerns with detailed information that would answer whatever I was calling about. And always taking the time to make sure they had given me all that I needed. After talking to them I could finally breathe again. I work in customer service, so it is so nice when you find people who do it like I would do it. People who do the job really well. I really appreciated that. It really stands out.

Tonya S. was especially great to me. Everybody at the company was awesome, but she was really helpful! Many times she has gone out of her way to help me. She’d call me at work, home, on my cell, wherever, and always have a whole slew of helpful information for me! She is always so nice and helpful and pro-active with her assistance. She really made a big difference to me as I went through the program. Right at the beginning, when I was enrolling, she stepped in and did some extra sorting out of things and helped set up my program in a way that saved me time and money. Please pass my words on to Tonya. She was so wonderful.

My expectations were exceed in everyway. The customer service, the savings from the settlements…everything! It was such a relief to get all of my payments consolidated into one monthly payment. I used to live on my credit cards, and then something happened and I fell behind, and then creditors started calling so much that my cell phone battery would die everyday before I’d even get home.

I did a web search, came across Freedom Debt Relief’s name and checked out the website and decided to sign up. Now my cell phone battery never dies!

Being in the program was a lifestyle change. It taught me how to be more responsible with my money and how to budget. Life now feels a lot better. I can sleep at night. I can answer my phone, read my mail. Life is easy going.

I’ve just referred a friend to you guys. She’s going through tough financial time right now and I said to her “You have to call these guys! They’re lifesavers!”

~Amanda, CA

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